Ron Jude
Atlanta #2 (Libraryman + Our Legacy, 2012)

Limited Edition Out of print

Limited Edition of 30 copies per print
(only available in M/48 and L/50)
For more sizes please visit Our Legacy

100% cotton t-shirt with specially made neck tag
Print size: 225 x 295mm (8.8 x 11.6 inches)
Three various prints, color digital print

Editor & Designer: Tony Cederteg, Cristopher Nying

From 1992 to 1995 Ron Jude (b. 1965, American) photographed American businessmen in the financial districts of Atlanta, Chicago, New York and San Francisco. Revisiting this amazingly powerful, yet delicate series with a renewed sense of urgency and relevance, we are thrilled to print a fraction of this work for the first time on a t-shirt.

Printed and produced in Trofa, Portugal

T-shirts were made in collaboration with twelvebooks for Our Legacy x Libraryman ( ( ( Limited Store ) ) ) at VACANT in Tokyo, Japan