Libraryman, established in 2008 by creative director Tony Cederteg, produces and publishes contemporary photo books and is based in Antwerp, Belgium and Stockholm, Sweden. Working with a varied group of photographers and artists from around the world, Libraryman selects its collaborators with interest and sincerity and believes in establishing a relationship with everyone involved in a project’s process.

Central to the idea of Libraryman is the process of approaching the artist with interest in publishing either new or archival work. Working closely with the artist, Libraryman seeks to produce a body of work that illustrates the artist's original intentions, making sure their vision is never compromised. This collaborative effort ensures that both the artist and the publisher will never sacrifice their carefully crafted identity.

In 2019, Libraryman Award was founded, an annual photobook prize for unpublished works by photographers and artists.

Interview with Tony Cederteg

Don’t Take Pictures, 2017

From 2015 to 2018, Libraryman was based in Paris, France.